Video archive: The Idea of University

The Idea of University and the Future of Knowledge Conference, 19-20 September 2013, Utrecht

19 SEPTEMBER 2013: The Idea of University

  • Welcome address by Prof. Wiljan van den Akker and Prof. Rosi Braidotti

  • Panel “A New University?” chaired by Paul Schnabel: 

– Prof. Bert van der Zwaan on “How to survive as a university”

– Prof. Frits van Oostrom on “The intrinsic value of knowledge”

  • Panel “A Critical Analysis of the University”

– Prof. Joan Scott on “Assessing impact in the university of excellence”
– Prof. Chris Lorenz on “Goodbye to All That. On the Rise of Neo-liberalism, the Metrification of ‘Output’ and the Fall of Academic Professionalism”
– Prof. Wendy Brown on “Why democracy can’t save what it depends upon:  divesting 
from the Liberal Arts”

  • Panel “The Public Role of the Scholar” 

– Prof. Alexander Stille on “Intellectual Debate in the Digital Age”
– Prof. Joanna Bourke on “The historian as public intellectual”
– Prof. Henk Oosterling on “How to walk the talk. The academic activist as a reflactive 

  • Panel “Scenarios for the Humanities of the Future”

– Prof. Paul Gilroy on “A postcolonial university?”
– Prof. Rosi Braidotti on “Posthuman futures”
– Prof. Wijnand Mijnhardt on “Do the Humanities have a future?”

20 SEPTEMBER 2013: The Future of Knowledge

  • Panel “New Knowledge: On a Digital and Sustainable Future”

– Gerd Leonhard on “The future of knowledge at the intersection of the digital 
and sustainability”
– Prof. Peter Galison “A contested revolution: the online university”
– Yuri van Geest “Singularity: all the knowledge we need”

  • Panel “Between Critique and Creativity”

– The Young Academics Panel with Hayo Terband, Esther van Crabbendam, Markus Balkenhol and Iris van der Tuin

  • Lecture by Prof. Gregg Lambert “‘Humanities’ and ‘Peace’: ideas only fit for the Academy?” and the launch of the Redrafting Perpetual Peace website