Video archive: The Colonial Legacy Conference

The Colonial Legacy Conference, 21 June 2013, Utrecht.

  • Welcoming address by Peter de Haan, Director of the Treaty of Utrecht.

  • Opening address by Dr. Esther Captain

  • Lecture by Dr. Françoise Vergés: “Colonial Slavery: Cartographies of Global Trade, Race, and Modernities” 

  • Lecture by Prof. Gert Oostindie: “Colonialism and Slavery: the Dutch connection,” with response from Dr. Wayne Modest

  • Lecture by Dr. Patrick Eyres: “‘The Asiento’ and ‘The Blackamoor’ garden statue”, with response from Prof. Alex van Stipriaan

  • Lecture by Prof. Catherine Hall: “Legacies of Colonial Slavery: the British case,” with response by Dr. Dienke Hondius

  • Prof. Kevin Bales: “Memo To King Willem Alexander — It’s Time For A New Treaty Of Utrecht,” with response by Dr. Sandra Claassen

  • Lecture by Prof. Paul Gilroy: “From hydrarchy to multi culture: peace, war and working through the double standard,” with response by Dr. Francio Guadeloupe

  • Lecture by Prof. Michael Rothberg: “On Being a Descendant: Implicated Subjects and the Legacies of Slavery,” with response by Prof. Ann Rigney

  • Lecture by Prof. Elazar Barkan: “The Challenge of History to Redress and Conflict Resolution,” with response by Dr. Paulla Ebron

  • Lecture by Dr. Rutvica Andrijašević: “The Figure of the Trafficked Victim: Gender, Rights and Representation,” with response by Prof. Jolle Demmers

  • Closing remarks: Dr. Esther Captain, Dr. Markus Balkenhol and Prof. Rosi Braidotti