Alex van Stipriaan

Alex van Stipriaan  is currently the Curator Culture and History Latin America & the Caribean at Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. He was trained as a historian of the non-western world, which means he has always operated in the area where history and anthropology meet. Most of his research has been focused on history and cultures of Suriname and what is known today as the Black Atlantic, i.e. the connected histories of West- and Central Africa, Afro-America, and Western Europe. He has almost thirty years’ experience of research in this field. His main interest is developments of creolization in noticeable as well as hidden dimensions of culture. He is also professor of Caribbean history at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam at which his focus is on the history of slavery and its present day legacies. He has developed substantial skills to apply and share scholarly knowledge and expertise for/with a wider audience. This ranges from academic colleagues to grass roots organizations in the Netherlands, Suriname and The Netherlands Antilles. He also co-curated and co-edited exhibitions and (school) television documentaries in this field.