Savannah Bay Bookshop

Savannah Bay – a treasure chamber of Post-colonial stories

A good bookstore is a treasure chamber of stories, stories told by way of books and people.  Savannah Bay  is such a bookstore;  a Utrecht based bookstore specialized in Gender studies and Post-colonial studies. At the Edward Said Memorial Conference and the Colonial Legacy Conference Savannah Bay will be present with a special ‘bookshop on location’.

Please feel free to visit our book lounge to relax and enjoy our selection of literature. Besides the latest works on Post-colonial studies, we offer a selection of books by the speakers present at the conference.  Don’t miss out on our special offers, meet and greets with authors and signing sessions.  Take your time to browse through our selection and find your next favorite read at Savannah Bay.

For more information, visit our site.  

Savannah Bay has created a special selection of books on postcolonial studies, racism, activism and gender. The selection is a mix of classics, new names and unexpected titles. Enjoy ‘Savannah’s Selection’ HERE and hopefully you will discover something new and inspiring!