Conference Board
  • Conference Convener: Prof. Rosi Braidotti, founding director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University
  • Honorary Chair: Mrs Mariam Said
  • Scientific Committee: Prof. Rosi Braidotti, Prof. Peter van der Veer, Prof. Etienne Balibar, Prof. Paul Gilroy, Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi

The Centre for the Humanities at UtrechtUniversityis the platform for pioneering, innovative research & research training activities across the faculty and between this faculty and the rest of Utrecht University. The activities such as symposia, seminars and conferences, aim to profile excellent research results in the Faculty of Humanities and to stress the social relevance of the Humanities in a broader non-academic world. This aim is also implemented through an active arts programme held in conjunction with the leading festivals held in the city of Utrecht. The Centre also promotes research in social theories of the Humanities and the public perception of the Humanities, with special emphasis on the role of religion in the public sphere, issues of diversity and tolerance and the notion of cosmopolitan European citizenship. The CfH also sponsors new interdisciplinary areas of the research on Humanities in the 21st century – notably in the areas of environmental, cognitive, postsecular and digital humanities.

Please find a full list of cooperative Institutes and partners on our website.

Director: Prof. Rosi Braidotti

Executive Manager: Dr. Annemarie Houkes

Project Manager Arts & Culture: Janina Pigaht, MA

Project Manager Fellowships: Tobijn de Graauw, MA

Office Coordinator: Ms. Cornelie Vermaas

Logistical Coordinator for Conferences 2013: Paulina Bolek, MA