Edward Said Memorial Conference


April 15 – 17, 2013

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Check the video archive of the conference here

Edward Said, author of the groundbreaking work ‘Orientalism’, was one of the most prominent literary and cultural critics in the United States. His writings about the Middle East and its relationship to the West have had a major influence on scientific disciplines as diverse as English, history, anthropology  cultural studies and political science. Said combined his academic work with an active public role as opera critic, media specialist, publicist and political advisor, believing firmly in the role of culture, the arts and  humanistic criticism in sponsoring peace.

This conference focused on Edward Said’s legacy and paid tribute to the 10th anniversary of his passing. Each day of the conference featured renowned speakers and established academics on Edward Said’s work. Major attention was paid to cultural activities that resounded with Said’s vision in combining scholarship with the Arts so as to support the quest for justice, self-determination and equality.

This programme was brought to you in collaboration with Utrecht Province, Treaty of Utrecht Foundation and the Lutfia Rabbani Foundation.

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